Thursday, July 21, 2011

Set MacFusion to use Fuse4X

So MacFuse is horribly out of date (last released in 2008) and I can't get it to work on Lion at all. Fuse4X was recently forked off of MacFuse and seems to be working much better.

However, I love MacFusion's menu-bar access to my favorite servers and refuse to give this up. Time to modify MacFusion to support Fuse4X

First, install Fuse4X and the sshfs plugin. Try manually mounting an ssh file system to make sure it works:

mkdir /tmp/mountpoint
sshfs server:directory /tmp/mountpoint
ls /tmp/mountpoint

Once this works, find out where sshfs is located and replace the copy of sshfs in MacFusion with this one:
which sshfs
mv /Applications/ /Applications/

ln -s [sshfs_location] /Applications/

As always, your mileage may vary but this worked for me.